Cebu City Blogging: A Stage Higher

This will be a quick one as I did not intend to post an entry. I'm bringing my blogging experiment to the next level! Nope, it will not be about improving my entries in terms of grammar or content. It will still be the same old mine-style blogging, and it will still be an add-on if visitors would continue reading my posts even if how terrible it may be. LOL! And I hope I get to share too some of the exciting stuffs that happens on this CEBU CITY BLOGGING, and better yet, give a vivid picture of that.

Now, going back to the purpose of this post. By bringing this blogging experience to a higher level means that I have already purchased a domain name and have availed of a web hosting service. Nothing extra-ordinary about that BUT as I have previously posted an entry on how I was enticed to setting-up a blogger account because of the opportunity to learn about web design, I think I can learn more if I set-up a website on my own. Though I may not be entirely starting from scratch as I intend to use available templates but this is going to be a great experience for me. It may even be quite messy and time-consuming but I wouldn't mind the hassles considering the tons of new things I will learn in the process. Already, I have made quite a lot of blunders and I think my webhost's support team has already flag a description beside my username with "Pain-in-the-part of the body". For the past two days now, I have probably emailed the tech support guys some of the most stupid questions a website-developer-wannabe would ever dare to ask, LOL!

Still, I'm really very much excited about the whole process and as I said, this will be quite messy, fortunately not for me but for my webhost. LOL! And with the hours I've spent trying to learn web development, I have learned so many new stuffs. I just hope I would learn faster than those tech support guys losing their patience on me.

(See, I'm supposed to be doing some CEBU CITY BUSINESS stuffs this late in the evening but I can't stop talking about my experiment. Can't wait to have it all done and then do some more! Still I think I am well within the tolerable level of web-development-addiction as the wife haven't complained yet but already too, she's quite worried on the spendings of the Digital SLR project. LOL!) Ah! Boys will always be boys!