Money in the Net

It's amazing how the word "money" is being searched in the internet. That probably is why a lot of blogs talk about money-making.

My entries in keywording Show Me the Money in Cebu is steadily making it's way on the top rankings and Making Cows Turn to Cash is on top of the SEO too. This just shows that not only are we looking for money and opportunities of money the traditional way but also on the internet. Indeed, there are a lot of opportunities that can be found on the net and not just in Cebu, it simply takes a lot of patience, perseverance and little luck for the internet to show you the money.

Debts, Death and Taxes

Today’s issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer published a column with the heading “Delay in corporate income tax cut looms; Congressmen want relief for individuals instead”. This news, as for me in the corporate taxation field, could only shake my head in disappointment. With all the mounting rise in costs of business, the reprieve that a lowered corporate tax would have meant the much needed help for thriving businesses especially those in the export industry. A break on the 35% income tax on corporations would have meant lowered prices for products and services or such savings could have been shifted to employee salary increase.

On a personal note though, this news brings joy to salary earners as there is a pending proposal in Congress that additional personal deduction be raised from Php.32,000, for married individuals, to Php.75,000 each. In a lot of ways, this would help families. This will therefore lower the taxable income of married individuals which directly will increase net take home pay as this would then require lower monthly withholding taxes. This is great help especially those whose salaries would even be not enough to provide the basic needs of the family. Among which would mean bigger budget for food on the table, a more stable budget for savings, or a wider source for funding to pay up
Homeowner Loans. Hopefully this would see the light of a addendum to the present tax laws. The citizens have long been waiting for this news and it would be about time.

Moving from the World to Cebu

I have all been a Cebuano all my life. All things being equal, there would be nothing like the Queen City of the South, I know the place like the palm of my hands. But I have never been a Cebu-based Cebuano all the time. I have spent around 5 years in Lilo-an, Southern Leyte but still with the summer vacations spent in Cebu.

I was born in Cebu City. All the way from conception up to the pre-natal months, I lived outside of Cebu City. But as my mother's compulsion, being a 100% Cebuana herself and to deliver her first born son in a place she had known all her life, went back to Cebu City. Thinking about it, it was like my mom being in a basketball finals game 7 and she just wanted to play in her hometown. And it was hometown indeed. Her gynecologist was her close friend, who by the way was the reason for my unique second first name, and is my godmother. There was no place she could think of where she can be comfortable with the delivery but only in Cebu City Map. It was only then that I was two months old that we went back to Leyte and after 5 five years finally decided to head back home, to Cebu City home.

Moving from one place to another takes a lot of one's time, energy and resources. There comes the decision of looking for a permanent
mls real estate or homes for rent. Buying the permanent relocation real estate property will be a lifelong decision and thus be decided with so much care. On the other hand, renting a place while could be an option which also has to be done with a lot of consideration.

I have never been back to Leyte since we left for good. I could even recall wonderful and joyful experiences there. Perhaps one of these days, I shall find a way to visit the place. Leyte has been a part of me and a help that I realize the value of being at home. Being with people you share your joys, sorrow and dreams with. Dreams for a better Cebu City for my family.

Updates from Cebu City Map

Even amidst calls for a president’s resignation, Cebu City Map has stood firm on its thrust to be always mean business for its inhabitants. The weekend, more specifically Friday, Cebuanos saw one of the more attended public gathering relating to the Philippine’s current events. It did caused quite a headache for motorists like yours truly but all taken into consideration, it was business as usual in the Cebu City Map.

A wonderful news for the Cebu City is the recognition as being one of the awardees of the Gawad Galing Pook 2007 along with nine other cities in the country. Cebu City’s “strengthening the justice system in the grassroots” was picked among the 19 finalists evaluated last November. Ten were chosen as recipients of the award, which recognizes local government units (LGUs) “for outstanding and trailblazing local governance programs” and thus Cebu City was included. Further details of which can be found

It is always refreshing to hear such positive news amongst chaotic and sensational happening in the country’s capital. Still, much is being talked about with regards to the NBN-ZTE deal and it is always a welcome to the senses, especially if these are close to your heart such as your hometown. It is always is great to note that even beyond the confusion, it is still business as usual in Cebu City Map.

Getting Ahead of the Race

When I was young, one of the favorite activities during sundays was groceries shopping with my mother. It was not because I would be able to choose more junk foods than my younger siblings who were more often left at home as junk foods would be for the family not only intended for one. It was the goodies being offered for free by either promo girls or mascots.

Being in the field of Business and Finance, I realize how important it is for product visibility. Especially for a product which is a new entrant to a market, it has to penetrate the customers with aggressiveness so as to be known at the fastest time possible. One of the ways to do this activity is through promotional items. Products may be introduced to the market together with an item that pushes a consumer more to buy it. A new toothpaste brand may be packed with a toothbrush so as to entice the consumer to try the product. Another strategy may be done through a product or brand launching where the new item may be packed as giveaways or
promotional gifts to suppliers, company patrons and valued consumers to make them aware and try the product.

Promotional products sprout very so often so it is a must that these product launch activities be handled by professionals. It is very important that products project the company's vision and culture and at the same time deliver the effectiveness and efficiency expected by consumers. But beyond promotional items products should address the need of a consumer on a more innovative way, for a newly launched product to succeed and this may be done with the help of public relations experts.

Page Ranking to a Cebuano Blogger

I have not heard nor have given attention to blogging until only mid-2007. A lot of things were cooking up then that I simply did not have time to look at other beautiful and exciting things free stuffs can offer. I started my Cebuano Blogging roughly 7 months ago and it was all a trial and error approach. I did not know what to blog about, as I only knew that it was tweaking some html codes in the process. This I have mentioned in my previous posts.

But with that short span of time that I got to have a peek of the blogging world, one by-word could easily be identified and that was Page Ranking. Well, what is that anyways? I did not know then and I don't know more now. For all I care is that this so-called page ranking somehow gives a site higher authority than others. Higher authority means that the Google search engine have archived enough pages from your website that when a phrase related to your site is searched, your URL address is given higher preference or authority. But I can be wrong, I am not an expert on this. I just interpret it by the way I have experienced SEO experimentation so far.

The benefit that I got from this Page Ranking thing was the opportunity to earn paid postings were widened. I got to qualify to post on higher paying opportunities than before. But I know as like in anything, this has to be done in a lot of moderation so as not to lose that long-awaited page ranking.