I have discussed about the project in its pilot roll-out in my post "Business will soon be as easy as ABC". After barely a year of pilot run, it is now going to be implemented region wide in Central Visayas. The goal being, to limit the number of bureaucracy and red-tape in acquiring and processing business permits.

A Business Permit and Licensing System (BPLS) guidebook will be launched on July 9th which will soon be in place in 40 Local Government Units (LGU's) in Central Visayas. The book's title "Towards One Business Permit and Licensing System", is expected to assist LGUs shift to a more investor-friendly Business Permit and Licensing System. This will create a one-stop shop for new businesses acquiring the necessary permits and licenses.

As I have expressed on my earlier post on "Business will soon be as easy as ABC", I applaud the stakeholders of this project in seeing through that this be implemented to as many LGU as possible. This will definitely ease the stresses of starting-up a business venture and financially lessen the cost of business start-up. This will give entrepreneurs more time in developing better products and services than on non-value adding activities to consumers.